Victoria River Downs

Victoria River Downs is a famed and iconic cattle station in Australia that has been operating for over 100 years. It was once the world’s largest pastoral lease with an area of 41,000 km². The property was originally established back in 1880 and was stocked with 20,000 head of cattle, over landed by the famous Nat Buchanan. Now days, the total area of the VRD lease stretches across 8,900 km² and runs just shy of 100,000 head of cattle. It is run as four separate stations – VRD, Moolooloo, Pigeon Hole and Mt Sanford.

In 2016 we added Humbert River as an out-station to Victoria River Downs, which added an additional 10,000 head of cattle and an additional 108,000 hectares.

Cattle 33,000 head
Breeders 13,000 head
Property Size 390,400 hectares
Country A good mixture of quality chocolate to black basalt soils.  Pasture species include native Sorghum, Flinders, Mitchell and blue grasses.  The Victoria & Wickham Rivers pass through the property.

Station Managers Russell (Rusty) & Julie Richter

Rusty & Julie both commenced with the company in 2003, with Rusty first employed as a station hand on Flora Valley Station and Julie on VRD Station in the same capacity.  Both have progressed through numerous positions within Heytesbury Cattle Co., with Rusty currently holding the position of General Manager – Operations, and Julie in a support role as well as coordinating training across all stations.  Rusty & Julie are based at VRD with their two children.

“We have been with Heytesbury Cattle Co. for many years and really enjoy the personal, family atmosphere the Company promotes.”