Our Markets

The majority of the annual turnoff of 40,000 head is predominantly into the live export trade to countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam mainly through the port of Darwin.  Both steers and heifers, with live weights targeted between 300 – 350 kg are typically exported as feeder cattle for feedlots in Indonesia. An increasing number of heavier feeder cattle are now being exported to Vietnam.  Markets for older slaughter type cattle vary with seasonal fluctuations and the influence of both overseas and domestic markets determine the final destination across most states of Australia.

Heytesbury cattle bearing the “Bull’s Head” brand are sought after by various Importers in different Asian countries with a reputation for high quality and quiet cattle backed by solid performance in overseas feedlots.

The ability to supply large consistent lines of quality cattle throughout the year direct from stations ensures we remain a preferred supplier to many exporters and importers. The streamlined production supply chain is efficient and effective with the capability to deliver cattle throughout the year.

Heytesbury Cattle Company is committed to supplying cattle only to Australian Exporters and Overseas Importers who comply with the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) standards.