Our Business

North Australia’s leading pastoral company.

Heytesbury Cattle Co. runs a quality herd of approximately 165,000 Brahman cattle, capable of selling sustainably up to 40,000 head per annum, each bearing the famous “Bull’s Head” brand. Brahmans are a Bos indicus breed that is resistant to parasites and adapted to tropical conditions, making them ideally suited to the north Australian rangelands and to the live export markets of Asia.

Our Mission – To grow our herd sustainably while remaining family owned.

Heytesbury Cattle Company upholds three main core values.

Integrity, Excellence and Openness

The company’s core values have been integral in the survival and growth during the past 30 years and remain very much a part of the fabric that directs the future of the company. In order for a large family owned pastoral business to be a leader and remain part of the northern pastoral industry it must be willing to adapt and change where necessary.

The balance between running a successful cattle operation and caring for the natural resource which determines the long term sustainability is paramount.