Life at the Stations

The rural industry stands alone when it comes to encouraging a sense of community amongst its members and it is this sense of community that provides many rewards. In addition to working in the station environment, you can gain a true experience of the station lifestyle.

The season starts in March and goes through to December.  Mustering on the Stations is done with helicopter and on horseback, and the cattle are walked steadily to the yards.  Birrindudu is the only station to use motorbikes rather than horses for mustering, due to the extensive area and flatter terrain.

There are two periods of programs for the stockcamp.

Peak Season first round of mustering runs March to May and second round runs September to October. Breeders are mustered, calves vaccinated, branded, tagged and larger calves are weaned.  Sale cattle are sorted when contracts are offered, often flowing throughout the season.

Low Season consists of repairs, maintenance and development programs such as fencing, yards and water infrastructure. Repairs and the maintenance of roads and fence lines are done throughout the season.

A balance between work and play is encouraged to provide an attractive lifestyle at the Stations. A game of pool, football, cricket, volleyball and water-skiing (when the lakes are full) are just some of the activities on days off. There are numerous social events staff are encouraged to attend throughout the year such as the annual Bulls Head Muster, campdrafts, shows and BBQs with neighbouring properties. Horses play a big part on the Station and many members of the team enjoy riding both for work and recreation. We attend local campdrafts and encourage all staff to become involved. Hunting, fishing, exploring, beautiful rivers and breathtaking scenery are some of the natural attractions.

Temperatures can reach as low as -2 degrees in winter and as high as 47 degrees in summer.

There are two main seasons; wet season runs from October to March and dry season runs from April to September.