About Us

Heytesbury Cattle Co. is one of North Australia’s leading producers of quality export cattle and is proud to have been supplying Asian markets with safe and nutritious beef for over thirty years.

Heytesbury Cattle Co. runs six stations spanning 2.7 million hectares across the Northern Territory and the eastern Kimberley region of Western Australia. Among these is the famed Victoria River Downs, which was established in 1883 and was at one time the largest cattle station in the world. Known historically as “The Big Run”, it is now run as four standalone stations: VRD, Moolooloo, Pigeon Hole and Mount Sanford.

Other stations include Birrindudu / Wallamunga (colourful cattle identity Peter Sherwin’s original station) in the NT, and Flora Valley / Nicholson / Gordon Downs aggregation (once Lord Vestey’s pastoral headquarters) in the Kimberley.

Heytesbury Cattle Co. runs a quality herd of approximately 165,000 Brahman cattle, capable of selling sustainably up to 40,000 head per annum, each bearing the famous “Bull’s Head” brand. Brahmans are a Bos indicus breed that is resistant to parasites and adapted to tropical conditions, making them ideally suited to the northern Australian rangelands and to the live export markets of Asia.